Knowing is Power

Yes, you read the caption right…… I’m sure you read it and thought – “there’s a typo! It should say “Knowledge is power”.” 

Well, that is because that simple little phrase has been drilled into us over and over again. That if we are “smart” enough and have proof of our “knowledge” in the form of a Certificate or Diploma, we will be successful and powerful. 

While knowledge is something we need and may provide a sense of security, a foundation from which we can leap forward, it is not just knowledge that can move us forward. 

True KNOWING comes from WITHIN US and its source is derived from the Divine. 

As our consciousness evolves, we are going to be relying more and more on our intuition, that little voice in our head, that inner wisdom that we just know is true without any reason other than because we have faith. 

Faith that we are constantly being guided by something bigger than ourselves. Our intuition can provide us with more information than our minds can actually comprehend. 

However, it is through our intellect that we will discern the messages that come through, even if it we are limited by our brain’s ability to process the information we are receiving. 

These messages come from within our hearts and Souls and may appear as feelings, images, experiences and/or synchronicities. 

In this, your mind is serving your heart where your true wisdom and inner knowing lives. Your intuition is how you experience and receive this Divine communication. 

Imagine if we were to surrender to the flow of the Universe and follow our intuition, how we could Quantum Leap?! Then, we would be successful for sure!

At the end of the day, we are all intuitive and part of what we are here to do in our lifetime is to remember how to access this form of communication and how to interpret it! 

How connected are you to your Inner Knowing and how does your Intuition communicate with you?


Rating: 1 out of 5.

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