The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have

What kind of relationship do you have with yourself?

Do you have high, unattainable expectations for what you can achieve? Do you criticize yourself for how you look, the choices you’ve made, or the goals you haven’t attained? 

Do you put yourself last?

Do you ignore your own needs until you have a physical (illness), mental (anger/resentment), or emotional (outburst) breakdown?

Do you forsake your dreams or desires for everyone else’s?

Do take care of your well-being or do you take your health for granted and/or make excuses as to why you don’t have time to care of yourself?

What if, just for today, you made yourself a priority and you spent some time cultivating a stronger relationship with yourself and asked yourself what you need to find joy and meaning today? 

What can you do to learn to trust yourself more fully?

What can you forgive yourself for today that you’ve been beating yourself up over?

Where do you need to offer yourself a bit more compassion instead of criticism?

How can you be more kind to yourself?

What can you do today to self-soothe, self-heal or take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, or physically?

What is one thing you want to do for yourself today that doesn’t involve meeting someone else’s needs first?

I hope you take the day to explore your relationship with yourself and recognize that it’s one of the most important relationships in your life. You deserve your own attention and love too!!!! 

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s imperative to your well-being so you can show up as the best version of yourself for everyone else! 

In order to move forward, we need to first heal and take care of ourselves – feel our feelings and release them so we can gain clarity to know how to effectively move forward and enact change so we don’t go backwards. 


Rating: 1 out of 5.

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