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I’m so happy you’re here! This Blog was created as a way to share content with anyone who is interested in personal healing and self-discovery in order to create a life that allows them to stand in their Truth, live out their Purpose and reconnect to their Joy. Happy reading!

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About Me

My name is Corissa Stepp and I am a Speaker, Transformational Life Coach and an Energy Healer. Throughout most of my life, I struggled with feeling as though I had a much bigger purpose and that I was designed to help others in a more meaningful way. It wasn’t until I experienced a big life disruption and embarked on my own journey of healing and self-discovery, that I uncovered how I could use my gifts to be of service to others. I now guide clients through creating transformations in their own lives and help support them in understanding who they truly are, what their purpose is, and how to find the power in the pain so that they can see a path forward to a life they love. This Blog is my way of sharing insights, teachings and inspiration! I hope you enjoy reading it.


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