Is It Resiliency or Courage?

True resiliency occurs when we fully recover from a disruptive experience – heal from the trauma, feel and process the emotions, learn the lessons we were meant to learn, and then release it so that it no longer triggers us. 

There is a subtle nuance to the words we use. Sometimes we confuse courage and determination with resiliency. We may associate getting back up after we fall with being resilient. Getting back to where we started after we have been derailed may be an act of resilience IF we’ve done the work and healed from the trauma but if we have not, then it is courage and determination that gives us the strength to dust ourselves off and get back on the bike, so to speak.

What does true resiliency look like?  True resiliency happens when we are able to remove the emotional charge from the experience and lighten our spirit. This buoyancy (synonym of resilience) comes from transmuting the pain into a blessing or a lesson so it no longer weighs us down.  It is when we allow the disruption to catalyze us into something different, where we release its hold on us so that we are no longer triggered that we are able to heal our self worth and lovability that may have been wounded.  

The next time you fall, find the courage and determination to keep going and to heal, release or align whatever has knocked you off course so you can become resilient and return to your Authentic Self, again and again. 

The act of just getting back up IS important and you should be proud for taking that step. It is that simple act that proves to your mind that it’s safe to keep going because you have ignored the irrational fear, BUT it’s what you do AFTER you get up – allowing for true healing – that leads to resiliency and enriches of your spirit. 


Rating: 1 out of 5.

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