Are Fear and Guilt Holding you Back?

Is FEAR holding you back from asking for help? Support? Love? Or getting what you need? Fear of rejection? Fear of looking too needy? Fear of being vulnerable? Fear of looking like you don’t have your shit together? 

Or is it GUILT? Guilt that you need help because others also need help? Guilt that you’re asking too much because you know others are also busy and don’t have enough time? Guilt that you are imposing and don’t feel like “your problems” are important? Guilt because you know you “can” do it all even though you’re struggling and accepting help feels “silly” or “less important than someone’s else’s time” ? Guilt because you should be able to “do it all yourself”? 

Fear and guilt are what hold us back from receiving. Not valuing ourselves enough to know that we are absolutely 100% worthy of receiving and abundance of support, love and someone else’s time and good graces because we would 100% without a doubt do the same for them! We aren’t designed to be ultra-independent. We are designed to be INTER-dependent.  You are worthy of receiving abundance because you are YOU!


Rating: 1 out of 5.

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